Farrah is Still Filming Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham Tweets That She's Still Filming Teen Mom OGDespite Rehashing Issues With Catelynn & Tyler

While One Direction fans are crying on Twitter over the news that Zayn Malik has left the band, the Teen Mom fandom meanwhile is taking sides on social media as the infamous Farrah Abraham/Catelynn Lowell feud continues!

Although the girls were all smiles while doing press together for the show about a month ago and agreed that the past was behind them, Monday's premiere might've added fuel to the fire.

Farrah, as we know, spent Monday night watching the premiere with her parents and her MTV camera crew even though she wasn’t on the first episode. But she also took the time to RT fans during the show who were complaining about Farrah’s absence. Many tweets that Farrah retweeted said that the show sucked without her, and some went so far as to bash the other Teen Mom OG girls!

This of course did not sit well with Catelynn’s fiancé, Tyler Baltierra. While Catelynn tweeted on premiere night that she has “no beef with Farrah and the past is in the past,” Tyler took the opposite approach, subtly jabbing Farrah’s subtle retweets. Got all that?!

Of course, Farrah is probably slightly peeved seeing as Catelynn talked badly of her on the premiere episode. Catelynn referred to her former nemesis as a “whack job” and also said that Farrah was only pretending to be happy that she wasn’t originally invited back to the show. They eventually made up on-stage at the Couples Therapy reunion, however, and the feud hadn’t really resurfaced again until this week.

ut regardless if you’re #TeamFarrah, #TeamCatelynn, or simply don’t want to choose, Farrah is continuing on with her life, even tweeting out this photo today proving that she’s still filming the current season. Was she throwing it in Catelynn’s face as a way of saying "Ha, I’m still here anyway?” Or was it just a coincidence? There are so many possibilities, really.

(via okmagazine)


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