Maci Bookout Dishes on Baby Name

Maci Bookout Dishes on Baby Name & Official Due Date

When we first met Maci Bookout on 16 and Pregnant, she was the outgoing teenager from Chattanooga, Tennessee who was nervous about expecting her first child with then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. Now, six years later, she's pregnant with her second child, and also a bit nervous about her arrival. But for completely different reasons.
Maci and the rest of the Teen Mom girls (Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Farrah Abraham) are returning to MTV next week for a new season of Teen Mom OG.
Maci confirms that her daughter's name will be  Jayde. "As soon as I thought of Jayde, that's how I pictured it in my head," Maci says, spelling and all. And the little one will arrive in just under 12 weeks -- on June 12.
But if big brother Bentley had a say, she'd be named something totally different. "He wanted Isabelle," Maci admits. "We were going to call her Izzie, but it's like, number five on popular girls' names, so we didn't do it."
No Isabelle for the family, but the soon-to-be big brother is ready for the addition... maybe. "He went through phases," Maci says. "He'd go a couple days and want a little brother, then a couple days and want a little sister, and then he didn't care. But the day he found out it was a girl, he was wanting a boy, so it didn't work out for him. But I think he's just excited to be a big brother."
As for Mom, she's a bit thrown off about the little girl vs. little boy transition. "I'm a little anxious, because I know how to have a little boy," she admits. "I know the labor thing, but as far as taking care of a little girl, and the pink, and being girly, I don't know about that."
That's why she and fiance Taylor McKinney have chosen some gender-neutral colors for the nursery. Jayde will stay in a purple and grey room, and Mom's putting her foot down on the pink because there are much bigger issues to tackle with this second pregnancy.
One, especially, that many second-time moms experience. "This time, I don't feel as connected to the pregnancy as I did before. I'm so afraid I'm not going to like her!" Maci admits. "I keep comparing her to Bentley and there's no way I can love someone as much as I love Bentley." Luckily, Grandma interfered. "I have an older brother and my mom says she felt the same way. So I'm not too worried about it, but it is a strange feeling."
Luckily, overall, it's all happy this time around. And that's the best part of all.
"I feel the same physically," Maci says. "But mentally, this time it's been a whole new experience because it's been so positive, whereas before, it was negative because I was 16. It's nice to be able to be excited and feel happy about it and prepared and happy. Before, I didn't have any of that."
What do you think of Maci's baby name choice?

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