Original Girls told about the Worst Thing They Had to Film

Teen Mom returns to the air!  It’s been over two years since Amber PortwoodMaci Bookout, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell have all been appearing on our TV screens, so fans are understandably ecstatic for the new season to premiere.

Let's know what the hardest thing/moment they had to film for the new season was.
Their answers quite telling, actually…

Catelynn Lowell stated that the most difficult thing she had to film was a moment with Brandon and Teresa, her first daughter Carly’s adoptive parents. (It’s been hinted that Catelynn and Tyler‘s once fantastic relationship with the couple has hit some rough patches in recent years.)
“I think the only thing I was scared to film was a conversation with Brandon and Teresa,” Catelynn said. “And it definitely was tough to watch it too.”

Amber and Maci had similar stories when asked what was hardest for them to film.
“Just talking about  Ryan so much is so annoying because I feel like in the show it’s going to look like my life revolves around Ryan, and it doesn’t,” Maci said. “I hope that mine and Taylor's relationship is a big part of my story, but it seems like all we do [on the show] is talk about Ryan, so it’s almost like we’re in a three-way relationship because that’s all that goes on. But I hope it’s more about me and Taylor; that’d be great!”
Amber, too, is tired of having to talk about her ex, Gary Shirley.
“Now I never talk to him or communicate with him unless it’s about,” Amber told. “What MTV does when they come is they ask you questions Gary…I never even talk about him so I really don’t want to.”

And finally…we have Farrah’s answer, which would be quite surprising if it had come from anyone but Farrah.
“The hardest thing to look back on and watch for the season is my last day as a feature at this gentleman’s club that we filmed,” Farrah said. “Getting ready with my family and going to the club, there’s so many people and different emotions, it’s just either going to be hilarious or, like, oh my gosh.”

You have to love the look Catelynn gives Farrah when she’s talking about how hard it was to end her strip club gig… And when Farrah mentions that her family helped her get ready. W…T…F…
Maci also talked about that pivotal moment shown in the trailer in which she is told by producers that Farrah was coming back to the show. In the trailer, we see Maci tell the crew that they can “leave now” because “this is over.” (Maci is reportedly very unhappy that her son, Bentley, will be on a show that features Farrah’s very adult antics, including stripping and adult video/toy promotion.)
“I was pissed,” Maci told. “I was really mad. Normally I can hold it together. That never happens, but the ginger was coming out.”
When asked how she felt about Farrah being on the show now, Maci made it seem like not much has changed since her initial reaction.
“I mean, I’m not OK with it, but I’m here,” she said.
The new season starts next Monday, March 23 on MTV!

(via realitytea)


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