Teen Mom OG: Tyler & Nova

Tyler Baltierra Responds To Fans Calling Him Out For Editing Instagram Photos Of Baby Novalee: What's the point of Instagram if you don't use the filters?

After that Tyler took to Instagram to post an unedited photo of his little girl to prove that she's just as cute without a filter.

 "Some of you people seriously have no life haha! Literally lol at how petty some of you ppl are #HopeYourHappy #ActuallyIDont #ItsInstagramPeople." - Tyler wrote.

And as the new and filter-less photo proves, Nova's eyes are blue no matter how you slice it.

Catelynn, on the other hand, prefers to keep her social media photos of Nova a bit more real-looking, opting for natural lighting instead of color-changing effects. 

One way or another we love them and they look really amazing with or without filters!  

(via Okmagazine)


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